Here at Logpile house we make high-quality, well-designed wooden products that meet the needs of our customers. I use sustainable and ethically sourced materials, and have a strong focus on tactile craftsmanship.

Hi, I'm Alistair am the man behind Logpile House. I am a woodworker, and I process the wood myself from start to finish. Located in the county of Rutland,England l get my wood from local soucers selecting to best most intresting logs to Create my work. my passion for handmade, unique items. I am always up for a challenge. Get in touch to learn more about my process and to see what I create for you!

I can bring my saw mill to you, to make your projects happen.

  • A mobile sawmill is a sawmill that can be transported to different locations, allowing for on-site milling of logs. Some benefits of a mobile sawmill include:

    • Convenience: A mobile sawmill can be brought to the location of the logs, eliminating the need to transport the logs to a stationary sawmill.
    • Cost savings: On-site milling can save on transportation costs and may also reduce the cost of the finished lumber.-Flexibility:
    • A mobile sawmill can be used in remote areas or for small-scale operations where a stationary sawmill may not be practical.
    • Custom milling: A mobile sawmill can be used to mill logs into specific sizes and grades of lumber, allowing for greater control over the finished product.
  • get in touch

    send me a email with details of any project you feel i can help you with and I will get back to you with advice. prices etc...


    tel, 07793820714