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 From Park Ranger to Craftsman: The Journey of Alistair, the Wood Artisan
Alistair's journey from a Park Ranger to a skilled Wood Artisan is a testament to his passion for nature and artistic expression. Alistair began his career as a Forrester, working in the heart of the woodlands, where his love for trees and the great outdoors flourished. Inspired by the natural beauty around him, he started creating small chainsaw sculptures during his free time, turning fallen or damaged trees into intricate works of art.

His early chainsaw sculptures gained attention, and Alistair's talent did not go unnoticed. As he honed his skills, he expanded his artistic repertoire and started experimenting with larger projects. One of his significant achievements was the creation of the "celebration leaves" at Bradgate Park. This project involved crafting large timber structures that showcased the beauty and diversity of the park's foliage. Alistair  carved tree trunks into oak leaf designs

Buoyed by the success of the Bradgate Park installation, Alistair took on another  project at Nene Country Park. This time, he continued to work with carved tree trunks, creating a series of celebration leaves that adorned the park's landscape. Each tree trunk sculpture told a unique story, paying homage to the local flora and fauna.

Alistair is deeply committed to preserving both the practical and historical heritage of his community. His focus extends to maintaining traditional crafts and preserving time-honored techniques, evident in his dedication to practices like cleft fencing and hedge laying. These activities not only contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the landscape but also uphold a tangible link to the past, showcasing the enduring value of age-old skills. Alistair's collaborative efforts with Nigel, the miller of Whissendine windmill, underscore his commitment to historical conservation. Together, they work towards the meticulous restoration of the windmill, ensuring that its historical significance and functionality are preserved for future generations. Alistair's endeavors exemplify a profound understanding of the importance of heritage, fostering a connection between the community's past and present through hands-on conservation efforts.
Sustainable Artistry:
Alistair's unique approach to artistry lies in his unwavering commitment to sustainability, a distinguishing factor that sets him apart. His conscientious sourcing of wood exemplifies this dedication, as he opts for responsible practices such as utilizing fallen or reclaimed timber and sourcing from necessary wooden management initiatives. By prioritizing these methods, Alistair ensures that his artistic endeavors contribute positively to the environment rather than depleting it. Notably, he employs a mobile sawmill, allowing him to process the wood on-site. This not only maximizes the efficient use of the valuable resource but also minimizes transportation-related carbon emissions. Alistair's sustainable artistry not only results in aesthetically pleasing creations but also reflects a profound environmental awareness, showcasing the potential for artistic expression to align harmoniously with ecological responsibility.